Daniel Lundberg

CrossFit Coach


Daniel is a CrossFit coach and fitness trainer from Sweden that specialises in training for performance. He is a trained Swedish Army Ranger and a police officer. For six years he was employed by the Swedish Armed Forces where he was in charge of sports and physical fitness at a regiment. He has been a coach at CrossFit Bukit Timah since January 2015.

Daniel still actively competes in obstacle racing and triathlon and the occasional CrossFit competition at an amateur level. He believes in setting measurable goals and working towards those. That goal can be a specific race, reaching a specific weight or lifting a certain weight on the bar. Whatever that goal may be hard work and commitment is what will be required.


  • Bachelor of Education in Physical Education
  • CrossFit level 2 Trainer
  • PICP Strength coach level 2
  • USA Weightlifting Sports performance coach level 1
  • International Personal Trainer
  • Kettlebell Instructor Level 1